some progress on the inqueersitor

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I was productive today

what a miracle

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walk into da club like yo wassup i haven’t drawn anything in 2 weeks

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Peran 'I haven't shaved since the first Blight' Trevelyan (for filthyknifeear )

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apostate & periah


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#nsfw #wip
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Pilot, again ! by Pansy-x

What can I say, I just really love those colors…
Leftforbed’s OC again : )



my lesbian babe looking so HANDSOME AND KICKASS ♥♥♥  YESSS perfect ♥

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Peran Trevelyan/Dorian Pavus NSFW sketches part 1/?

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I just love him<3. He’s so much fun to paint. (this was a bit of an.. experiment. my first grayscale painting ever :^))

[high res]

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i’m going to work in 5 hours

i should get some sleep so I can look sweet n fresh tomorrow to impress the customers

but no

instead, i’m sitting here, drawing this gay shitbag for the 500th time


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dooorian dorian dorian doRIAAAN

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It’s okay, darling.. I’m here

(for filthyknifeear <3. Peran Trevelyan belongs to her)

Prayer circle for a scene in DA:I where Dorian cries/is broken. Bioware, please, I need this

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live fast die young bad girls do it well

i swear one day i’ll learn how to draw her properly

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no mom, I can’t go to work today, I’m too busy drawing Dragon Age characters over old, overused memes

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